Felt notebook cover, neon

19,95 incl. BTW

Decorated A5 refillable notepad cover, grey felt cover with unique handmade embellishments with secure snap closure, A5 notebook included.

I have named this fabric cover ‘Puzzlezzz’.

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The cover is made of 100% felt, the color is grey. At the front I have decorated this notebook cover with circles made of polymer clay in the neon colors orange, pink, green and yellow. On top of each circle is a quarter granit grey.

This notebook cover is a one of a kind which means that you will get exactly this one shown in the pictures. And the notebook is included in the purchase !

  • Cover                    : 8.3 inches high x 5.9 inches wide / H 21 cm x W 15 cm)
  • Notebook             : included, A5, +/- 150 pages
  • Total weight         : 236 grams
  • Color cover          : grey
  • Materials cover   : felt, varnish, polymer clay: granit and neon
  • Secure snap closure
  • One-Of-A-Kind design